Cater Trading Est.

Cater Trading is a company specializing in providing wide range of food products, catering equipments & maintenance since 10 years.

Exceptional services

Our highly qualified team of technicians provide maintenance and repair all kind of catering equipments that are supplied throughout the Kingdom. Key features include ready stock for most spare parts, periodical check ups, maintenance tests and much more.

Equipments you can rely on

From Slush machines to pressure fryers, the wide range of light and heavy commercial equipments that we supply are a must have for any catering business. We provide not only high quality equipments but also custom designed solutions to serve your specific needs.

Tantalize your taste buds

Our renowned Sparkle slush product, breading products for Kentucky style chicken, powdered and liquid milk for ice creams and much more, are sure to get your taste buds tantalized.

Feel free to contact us for any kind of assistance at +966 (2) 287 0199


Named with accuracy, our exclusive sparkling bubbling Slush product is one of the most cooling and refreshing beverage in the market.

Sparkle is our most ordered and famous Slush product. It is artificially prepared, has a long shelf life, is reasonably priced, tempting yet appropriately healthful and has a wide range of 13 fantastic (or exotic) flavors. With all this slushiness it sure is more than just an airy soft drink!